Directors Club United Kingdom presents a quintessentially English dinner party.

Take a place at the table for an unforgettable evening of fine dining and roundtable discussion.

Thursday, October 13th from 6.30pm

The Langham, London, W1

Embrace CX Disruption: Preparing for Unplanned Customer Events

Embracing CX Disruption can prepare your organisation operationally, culturally and digitally for unplanned customer events. Join us and hear from Bruce Swan, General Manager Customer Care and Digital Service at Panasonic, and how Bruce is encouraging CX Disruption to drive customer, business and employee value. We will then debate as we dine and enjoy the evening and each other’s company.

By invitation

Supported by Sitel Group


Autumn Customer Experience Seminar

Tuesday, October 18th at 8.30am – 10am

The Ivy Club, West Street, Covent Garden, London WC2

High Inflation vs Customer Experience: Understanding & Meeting Expectations in a Changing World

How do high inflation, low or negative economic growth, and falling real-wages impact your customers, their engagement with your brand, their potential to re-purchase, and their customer experience expectations?

How do the same factors impact your employees’ wellbeing and expectations?

Supported by Route 101 and NICE CXone


Autumn Contact Centre Excellence Seminar

Wednesday, October 19th at 8.15am – 9.30am

Online via GoToMeeting video conference

How will the cost of living crisis impact your customer contact operations?

Supported by NICE