As part of the Centrical Success 2022 global series, we are delighted to promote the London breakfast seminar and roundtable discussion.

Champagne-cocktail on arrival, The Ivy Club’s signature breakfast canapés, 90-minutes of moderated roundtable discussion, and new additions to your network.

Thursday, June 30th from 8am

The Loft at The Ivy Club, 9 West Street, London, WC2H 9NE

A relaxed and free-flowing roundtable debate will address the following topic and questions:

How can companies change the employee and manager relationship to drive the highest levels of employee engagement and performance and reduce churn? Can companies outperform if employees are unhappy? How do companies take a bold leap forward and rebuild the future of work?

By invitation

Supported by Centrical


Directors Club United Kingdom presents a quintessentially English dinner party.

Take a place at the table for an unforgettable evening of fine dining and roundtable discussion.

Thursday, June 30th from 6.30pm

The Langham, London, W1

Hypothesis for debate:

As the role of technology continues to grow in importance in the management and operations of every company, AI-driven automation will be the key in managing the complexity and scale for every organisation.

By invitation

Supported by BMC Software


Tuesday, July 5th
8am – 9.30am
Online using GoToMeeting

Leaders’ roundtable discussion that raises money for local food banks across the UK

£150 will be donated to each delegate’s local or chosen food bank

Cost-Of-Living Crisis: Caring For Customers In Challenging Times

How to best navigate the perfect customer storm as disposable-incomes fall

We thank our sponsor Verint for making these donations possible


Directors Club United Kingdom invites members and invited guests to celebrate the summer with sundowners, dinner and debate at The Langham.

Thursday, July 7th from 6.30pm

The Langham, London, W1

By invitation

Supported by Genesys