Today’s Directors Club has its origin as a quarterly supper club in London’s Mayfair.

The Directors’ Dining Club, as it was known, had its home at the famous Claridge’s Hotel and brought together business leaders of the day to discuss trends and disruptive forces for change.

In February 2010, Jon Snow (founder and chair) re-constituted the dining club as the Directors Club, and so a business lifestyle and networking institution was born.

Learning – Knowledge-share – Networking

Our mission is to deliver insights into innovation through fresh and engaging formats in-person and online.

The Club motto To endeavour. To achieve captures the spirit of Directors Club and the ambitions of its members.

Membership is by invitation.

You can request an A-class membership invitation here.

If you work for a B2B software supplier, business services vendor, or you are a consultant, you can request an S-class membership invitation here.