Tuesday, 16th February 2021

Dear Members,

Last Thursday (February 11th), we hosted our second People & HR Leaders Roundtable of the year, focusing on some of the key challenges of delivering hybrid working. Ten handpicked leaders in people-centric roles participated in a lively and insightful debate.

Thanks to Verint for supporting and providing the thought-leadership content.

Coming Up

Next week, February 24th, I am hosting the next Customer Leaders Roundtable, which will focus on the digital legacy of the pandemic and the permanent changes to business and operating models that may result. This gathering is being supported by eGain.


Members who wish to be added to our People Leaders or Customer Leaders invite lists, please make contact here.

New Members

We are considering new member applications. A-class membership will remain free of charge in 2021. Contact us for qualification criteria.

Best wishes,

Jon Snow