Autumn Term 2016


Wednesday, November 30th

1pm – 2pm

Personalise Or Fail? Four Industry Insiders Debate The Future Of Personalisation In Retail


Digital Customer Service & Support

Wednesday, November 23rd

DoubleTree by Hilton London Ealing

Directors’ Club Members & Invited Guests


Wednesday, November 16th

1pm – 2pm

What does the future hold for person-to-person interaction between
organisations and their customers?


Thursday, November 10th

6.30pm – 9.30pm

Roux At The Landau

The Langham Hotel

How Important Is The Human Touch?


Using Intelligent Assistance & Bots To Transform Self-service

Monday, September 19th

12pm – 1pm

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Day 1

Tuesday, September 20th 12pm – 1pm

Speaker 1

Should we stop doing customer feedback?

James Dodkins, SVP Customer Experience, BP Group

Speaker 2

Making CX the CEO’s number one priority by showing impact with the measures that matter to them most

Charles Bennett, Head of Service Delivery & Chief Customer Officer, The Next Ten Years



Day 2

Wednesday, September 21st 12pm – 1pm

Speaker 1

Feelings – The emotion of customer experience

Morris Pentel, Chairman, Customer Experience Foundation

Speaker 2

What ‘Mad Men’ can teach us about best practice in customer experience

Thomas Cowper Johnson, Insight Director, ServiceTick



Day 3

Thursday, September 22nd 12pm – 1pm

Speaker 1

Trends & Innovations in collecting customer feedback

James Scutt, Head of Customer Value Management, Post Office

Speaker 2

The power behind the phone – Reconnecting the front line, turning up their performance

Gerry Brown, Chief Customer Rescue Officer, The Customer Lifeguard



Day 4

Friday, September 23rd 12pm – 1pm

Speaker 1

Beyond Experience – Intuition

Stewart Bromley, Chief Operating Officer, Atom Bank

Speaker 2

Transforming customer experience – mapping the way to success

Adam Powers, Chief Experience Officer (CXO), BBH



Day 5

Monday, September 26th 12pm – 1pm

Speaker 1

Data, privacy, trust and the impact on customer experience

Adrian Swinscoe, Customer Experience & Service Strategy, Rare Business

Speaker 2

Using biometrics to improve customer experience through faster and simpler authentication

Peter Wilson, Strategic Consultant Customer Analytics EMEA, Verint



Day 6

Tuesday, September 27th 12pm – 1pm

Speaker 1

Why data scientists are not the answer to your customer insight gaps

Paul Laughlin, Founder & Managing Director, Laughlin Consultancy

Speaker 2

Omni CX Operating Model Uncovered

Zaheer Gilani, Independent CX & Digital Transformation Consultant



Day 7

Wednesday, September 28th 12pm – 1pm

Speaker 1

Digital Inclusion and Empowerment – The truth behind the Digital Eagles story

Dave Shepherd, Director, Eagle Labs & Digital Eagles, Barclays UK

Speaker 2

A fresh perspective on managing customer experience with lessons from world class decision makers

David Heneghan, CEO, CX Index



Day 8

Thursday, September 29th 12pm – 1pm

Speaker 1

Are you easy? Driving customer loyalty by making it easy for customers to do business

Gavin Scott, Director, Loaf Training

Speaker 2

How Liberty Global used Customer Journey Mapping to walk in our Customers Shoes

Rod Coleman, European Director of Customer Experience, Liberty Global



Day 9

Friday, September 30th 12pm – 1pm

Speaker 1

How being a passionate customer can make you an innovator

Fiona Macrae, Head of Client Engagement, Travel Insurance Facilities Group

Speaker 2

Competing for the future

Peter Massey, Managing Director, Budd



Day 10

Monday, October 3rd 12pm – 1pm

Speaker 1

Customer Experience Insight: From Research to Prediction

Ian Williams, Director, Jericho

Speaker 2

Accor Customer Experience & Brand Loyalty: Driving Customer Value

Mariana Machado, Customer Behaviour Specialist, Accor



Day 11

Tuesday, October 4th 12pm – 1pm

Speaker 1

Inspiring employees to put the “experience” in the customer journey

Dale Smith, Director of Creation, Bridge Training and Events

Speaker 2

The convergence of brand and customer experience

Stephen Yap, Head of Customer, Ipsos MORI



Day 12

Wednesday, October 5th 12pm – 1pm

Speaker 1

Delivering exceptional customer experiences through EveryDay innovation

Cris Beswick, Strategic Advisor on Innovation, Author & Keynote Speaker

Simon Hill, Founder & CEO, Wazoku – The UKs leading idea management company

Speaker 2

Building an Award Winning Customer Experience

Dan Moross, Director of Customer Experience, MOO