Dear Members,

At 3pm GMT today (March 26th) Directors’ Club announced the results of their 2019 UK National Innovation Awards.

Many congratulations to all the finalists on making it to the final four in their category.

110 Directors’ Club members judged the finals, with over 60 members judging each category.

Each judge nominated a winner (2-points) and a runner-up (1-point) for a category. The finalist with the highest number of points is the winner of that category.

The results for the 2019 UK National Innovation Awards are as follows:

Automating Customer Support

Winner: Jacada
Runner-up: CX Company

Finalist: Intradiem
Finalist: Moxie

Blending Human & Artificial Intelligence

Winner: Concentrix & Unbabel
Runner-up: Astute

Finalist: Noetica
Finalist: Synthetix

Personalising Customer Interactions

Winner: Personify XP
Runner-up: IMImobile

Finalist: Genesys
Finalist: Wizu

The first prize in each category is a Winner’s Webinar, produced and promoted by Directors’ Club, to showcase the winning innovations.

Many thanks to all the innovators that entered this year’s awards. And a big thanks to the judges who gave their time and experience to produce the results.

The UK National Innovation Awards will return in 2020 – Directors’ Club’s 10th anniversary year – with more categories to reward the innovators who drive global change and transformation.

Kind regards,

Jon Snow

Founder & Chairman, Directors’ Club United Kingdom