Thank you for your interest in Directors’ Club United Kingdom, a community of current and future leaders of business and industry.

Click here to download our Membership Brochure (PDF).

As you will see, we have three levels of membership, with A-class being free forever. Inclusivity is a keystone of our mission to facilitate learning, knowledge-share and networking. A-class membership allows all who qualify to participate.

How to Join?

First, check below to see if you qualify.

If you do, please email and request a membership form.

Who Can Join?

Membership is open to all job titles in all divisions of an organisation, including the executive leadership (c-suite).

Chiefs, Directors, SVPs, Heads, VPs, Senior Managers, and Managers are all welcome.

Leaders in B2C, B2B and B2Any are all welcome.

Leaders from non-profits, charities, and government organisations are all welcome.

Who Cannot Join?

Directors’ Club is not a customer acquisition opportunity for B2B organisations. As such, membership is currently not open to the following B2B roles:

Sales, Customer Acquisition, Prospect Engagement, New Business Development, Consultant, or similar roles to these.

We reserve the right to refuse membership to any applicant whose role appears to be B2B sales related. Email for clarification regarding the acceptability of your job title.

Membership Rules, Terms & Conditions

1. Members will not commercialise Directors’ Club United Kingdom (Directors’ Club) or its communications platform for financial gain or the gain of third parties, including employers.

2. Members understand that Directors’ Club is not a business development network, it is only a professional network for the purpose of personal networking, learning and knowledge-share.

3. Members will each have only one Directors’ Club United Kingdom membership persona. The use of aliases is forbidden.

4. Members must immediately surrender their membership if they take employment as a consultant or offer consultancy services on a freelance basis.

5. Members must immediately surrender their membership if they take employment in a commercial role in a B2B organisation – for example, roles allied to sales, marketing, business development, customer success, account management and senior management (MD, CEO CMO etc).

6. Members must not pretend or infer they are employed by Directors’ Club or have any form of ownership of Directors’ Club.

7. Members must not offer services or make other offers under the name of Directors’ Club.

8. Members understand that the term Directors’ Club is a UK registered trade mark and cannot be used by any third party.

9. Members must immediately surrender their membership if they are declared bankrupt.

10. Members must immediately surrender their membership after 12-months of continuous unemployment.

11. Members must immediately surrender their membership upon retirement.

12. Members must not defame Directors’ Club via any communication channel, including social media.

13. Members can use the term “Directors’ Club” only in reference to their membership of Directors’ Club. Permission must be sort in writing for any other use of the trade mark.

14. Members can request to terminate their membership by email at any time.

15. Members will be invited to all Directors’ Club events/meetings that are deemed relevant to their job titles and employer organisation. Members may not be invited to some events.

16. All Directors’ Club events are limited capacity and places allocated on a first come basis.

17. Members who book places at events/meetings and do not show-up will have their membership immediately terminated.

18. Members who through their behaviour or actions harm in any way the Directors’ Club brand will have their membership immediately terminated.

19. Members must accept direct communication via their business email address from Directors’ Club regarding club business.

20. Members must accept being listed as a member on the Directors’ Club website, including a link to their professional profile page.

21. Members must update Directors’ Club via email with regard to changes of employer, role and or business email address.

22. Members who break the above could have their membership terminated without notice or appeal.

23. No discussion will be entered into in the event of membership termination.