Business Influencers

Directors Club Business Influencers are employed by our Corporate Members or are Founders of their own businesses. Contact us for more information on becoming a Business Influencer or a Corporate Member.

Business Influencers are experienced leaders who can offer direction and guidance in their fields of expertise.

Alistair White

Contact Centre Management
Regulatory Compliance
Product Functional Design
Operational Practices
Team Leadership

Danny Singer

Thought Leadership
Contact Centre Technology
Predictive Dialling
Product Management
Executive Leadership

Jon Snow

Networking Facilitation
Roundtable Moderation
Product Ideation
Product Development
Business Model Creation

Dr Luke Harris

Pure Mathematics (PhD)
Software Development
Software Design
Cloud Architectures
IP Telephony

Steven Brooks

Strategic Planning
Change Management
Commercial & Financial Modelling
Leadership & Consultancy
People & Relationship Management